20PCS Washing Machine Tank Cleaning Tablets Cleaner Descaler Remover Deodorant


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20PCS Washing Machine Tank Cleaning Tablets Cleaner Descaler Remover Deodorant

● Product Manual: This product is a special cleaning block for washing machine tank, it can clean the inner tube of the washing machine
● Active oxygen infiltration: This product containing a powerful osmotic active oxygen formula can cleaning stubborn stains on the mezzanine of the washing machine tank and then the stubborn stains drain with water. Soften first and then break down
● Keep your whole family and make your machine to work like brand new
● Washing machine cleaning expert, decontamination washing tablets
● Washing machine effervescent Storage method: Avoiding direct sunlight. Storing in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Function: Remove dirt, Odor, Antibacterial. It can effectively remove stains and Clean invisible molds built up in the washing machine water tank for a long time to prevent secondary contamination of clothes. Keep your family away from bacteria and let your machine work like a new one.

Packing quantity:  20 pcs


Q: Why wash the washing machine?

A: The washing machine is easy to grow bacteria, mold, peculiar odor, and a large number of mold exist in the inner cylinder. When in contact with water, it will be released and attached to the clothes, forming secondary pollution.

Q: How clean the washing machine with effervescent tablets?

A: Step1: Put the effervescent tablet in the washing machine and fill it with water. Step2: Startup and run for 5-10 minutes, turn off the power and enjoy for 6-8 hours. Step3: It is recommended to use 40 ~ 60 ℃ warm water, which has the best effect.

Q: How often?

A: It is recommended to use the washing machine once a month for daily cleaning. The cleaning time in the summer can be shortened appropriately

Q: How many effervescent tablets have been used for each cleaning?

A: Use 6 effervescent tablets for the first time and 2 for each time.

Q: What is the product’s effect?

A: This is a highly concentrated effervescent tablet. 1 tablet equals 3 times the general detergent. It can sterilize, disinfect, remove the mold odor, and clean the dirt in the barrel of the washing machine. The bacteria removal rate is up to 99%.

Q: Which washing machines are suitable for?

A: It is suitable for all washing machines.

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